Cancer gifts: What to buy your most-loyal friends 

Born between June 21st and July 22nd? It’s Cancer’s turn. The month of the crab and the season our most-loyal friends were born, this zodiac is known to love deeply and follow their strong intuition.  

Shop their most lovable traits through our cancer gift guide. Go on, have a mooch… 

Cancer Gifts: For the homebodies 

Known to feel at most peace in their own cosy quarters, give your Cancer friends the recipe for a relaxing day with beauty picks from our brands Bazaar. To start, a calming candle. For mains, a detoxifying face mask and for a real sweet treat – Lab Tonica’s pillow mist in their signature sleepy blend. You might want to buy one for yourself, too. 

Cancer gifts: For water babies 

Born in summer means celebrating through heatwaves, so think beachwear for your sun-loving cancer friends. Whether they’re at home in a sun-soaked garden or chasing the sun elsewhere, this printed kaftan provides airy coverage under the heat, with our pink raffia earrings and sandals for textural elevation. Don’t forget a swimsuit for those dips in the sea (even if it is just the toes)!  

Cancer gifts: For those who love deeply 

Emotion and intuition are a Cancer’s strongest traits, so we know they’ll appreciate more personal gift ideas (don’t blame us if there are tears)! Opt for an initial charm by Anna + Nina or a pearlescent photo frame for those treasured memories. For Cancer’s, it really is the thought that counts. 

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