The Virgo gift guide: 15 ideas for your detailed-obsessed friends 

Hey Alexa: Play Madonna, Material Girl.  Known to be the most thoughtful friends, Virgos are perfectionists at heart. From colour coordination to intricate accessories, pouring time into the little details is their personal love language.   So you can lean into their proclivity for perfectionism, we’ve curated the perfect Virgo gift list of artisanal jewellery, […]

The comeback that never went away: Why crochet is everywhere this summer  

Every fashion publication is talking about “the comeback of crochet”. But believe it never left. From Ibizan beaches to festivals, it stays relevant by delivering what we all always crave in the summertime – breathability, comfort and effortless style.  Runways in 2023 saw crochet competing against its two close relatives – fringing and distressing – […]