The Virgo gift guide: 15 ideas for your detailed-obsessed friends 

Hey Alexa: Play Madonna, Material Girl. 

Known to be the most thoughtful friends, Virgos are perfectionists at heart. From colour coordination to intricate accessories, pouring time into the little details is their personal love language.  

So you can lean into their proclivity for perfectionism, we’ve curated the perfect Virgo gift list of artisanal jewellery, refined accessories, beauty bits and elevated clothing.  

Shop the pieces they’ll love… 

For Virgos, it’s all in the details  

And coincidentally, attention-to-detail is a strength of ours… These intricate pieces make the perfect Virgo gifts. While our Faye dress, with its sparkly floral embellishments, makes the perfect party dress, our outfit-elevating corsage flats can be worn again and again and again.  

Organised? Always. 

Think tidy home, tidy mind. In every aspect of their lives, Virgos are avid organisers. Infuse their day-to-day with practical treasures such as a card holder, ear pod case, pencil case and glasses case – all designed in luxe, gold metallic leather (because, well, see above).  

The expert power dressers 

Virgo style is extremely curated. A fan of the finer details, our Sibilia ring, bangle, and necklace will take them from Monday mornings through to Saturday nights. Pair it with our ponte blazer and trouser suit for day-to-night chic.  

Little Virgo rituals

One thing a Virgo will always do, is look good. Masters of beauty, you already know their skincare regime is as important to them as their morning coffee. Feel good, look good in the Palm of Feronia facial oil and Up Circle face serum, with extra tips and tricks to feel their best in Stella Andromeda’s book all about Virgos.  

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