Meet the Maker: Fabienne Chapot 

Think bold and daring – and you’re probably thinking of Fabienne Chapot.

Born and raised along the Amsterdam canals, Fabienne Chapot draws upon iconic women of the past to inspire the women of today. Immerse yourself in their collection of rich colours and unique prints within feminine, tailored silhouettes that are totally wearable.  

Learn more about the woman behind the brand below… 

What was your ‘brainwave’ moment?  

It all started as an accessory brand, mainly focusing on bags, shoes and accessories. The vision was to bring a bold and colourful twist to an era of rather grey and black-toned accessories, and it quickly caught on. In 2016 we decided to rebrand the label and launch a ready-to-wear collection, which it’s been ever since!  

I have been building this brand since 2006, by following my heart and daring to dream big. 

How would you describe Fabienne Chapot in one sentence? 

We design wearable statement looks that brighten your wardrobe.  

What do you draw upon for inspiration? 

The past is our infinite source of inspiration. Vintage movies, collector’s items, and iconic women from the earlier days are always the starting points for our collections. 

But alongside this, the rich history of Amsterdam triggers our creativity every day and invites us to create the best items for women worldwide. 

Can you let us in on the creative process? 

It starts with a drawing. All our prints are made in-house, and they always start with a pen or a brush and we welcome and encourage “mistakes”. We then scan our original drawings and play around with scale, composition, and colours. The digital phase is equally as important as the drawing phase, that’s where we experiment with colour – the fun part! We do not follow the crowd – not for the sake of standing out, but because it feels right. 

What makes Fabienne Chapot products so special? 

We believe in inspiring all women to feel their best, about themselves and the way they look. We design wearable, statement looks that brighten your wardrobe, and the bold and colourful brand DNA is at the core of our business today. 

What kind of people love Fabienne Chapot?  

Daring women, who aren’t afraid to dress a bit more outspoken, through a strong use of colour, prints and surprising details. We admire brave souls who challenge the status quo.  

Do you consider yourself an ethical brand? 

Sustainability is high on our agenda and we operate our business knowing we can have a huge impact on our environment. We only aim for long-term relationships with factories we know and visit frequently and use more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Ecovero viscose and recycled polyester. As well as this, we value craftsmanship and try to bring it into our production as much as possible.  

These are just small steps to a bigger picture. 

What are your hopes for the future of Fabienne Chapot? 

Our mission is to rule the world with feminine energy. 

Feeling inspired? Shop Fabienne Chapot’s bold and beautiful collection here.