What is a jersey dress?  

Tired of spending hours deciding what to wear and still not feeling comfortable in your outfit? We feel you! Enter the solution: Jersey dresses.  

Made from lovely soft, light and stretchy yarns, jersey not only feels super comfortable, but it drapes beautifully and hugs you in all the right places. 

It’ll fast become one of your favourite fabrics to wear on days you want to look put together, but still feel comfy. 

How to style a jersey dress 

Wondering how to style a jersey dress? The beauty of them is, you can dress them up and down in a flash. Here’s some inspiration. 

For an event  

Jersey occasion dresses are having a moment – and it’s easy to see why. Sleek, body-skimming and comfortable, you’ll wonder why you ever wore anything else. Try this striking new maxi dress paired with silver sandals, earrings and clutch bag and you’re set. The best bit? You can dress this down with flat sandals for a more relaxed holiday look as well. 

For weekends 

Thanks to their natural stretch, jersey dresses feel as comfy as loungewear. Whether you’ve got your weekends meticulously planned out or you’re going with the flow, this blue jersey dress works for any plan. Pair with a bright chunky knit, cross-body bag and Supergas and you’re set.  

For work 

Whether you’re WFH or the office, comfort is key. Cue: Jersey dresses. They couldn’t make getting ready in the morning any easier, simply throw-on-look-fab all day. This bold green jersey dress with faux-pearl details looks great with an oversized blazer, tan tote bag and white trainers. Buy it now, regret it never. 

What is the best way to wash a jersey dress? 

When it comes to caring for your jersey dress, the best method to wash it begins by being gentle. Start by turning the dress inside out, opt for a mild detergent to maintain the fabric’s elasticity and choose a cold-water cycle to prevent any shrinkage. When it’s time to dry, air-drying is the champion choice – either lay it flat on a clean towel or drape it over a hanger, steering clear of direct sunlight or excessive heat. This will safeguard the colour and shape of your jersey dress. Which means you can wear your dress for longer. 

Jersey dresses are the secret to looking fabulous without sacrificing comfort. They’ll make you look put-together, in one easy-to-wear dress. Ready for the comfiest wardrobe ever? Explore our edit of stylish jersey dresses.