The Libra gift guide: 17 pieces your harmonious friends will love 

So, you know a Libra?  

Those born between September 23rd and October 23rd are our wonderful Libra friends. Ruled by Venus – the goddess of love – they’re natural intellects and lovers of all thing’s art, with amazing taste. 

Known to live a life of harmony, Libras will do anything to protect their peace. You’ll find this in the depths of seamless symmetry in every aspect of their lives – from their clothes to their home. But, with a pair of balanced scales as a star sign, can you blame them? 

Shop our curated gift guide of seasonal pieces that your Libran friends will love… 

Symmetrical pieces they’ll obsess over 

Forget the days of irregular prints. Luckily for Libras, our signature Monsoon style includes woodblock-inspired designs that ooze symmetry. Take your pick of this appropriately autumnal bunch including our Farah blouse, Miranda midi dress or Verina velvet jacket.  

Happy home, happy Libra  

As well as having an established theme in their homes, Libras are known to surround themselves with beautiful objects – it’s as if our mother of pearl collection was made for them. Discover this double photo frame, trinket box and round tray for the living room, with a four pack of coasters to infuse a little luxury into the kitchen, too.  

One for the pet lovers  

As independent as Libras are, they’re not one to say no to a companion either, especially if they’re four-legged with some extra fluff on. Treat their furry friends to these pieces – in coordinating print of course – featuring our padded dog coat, lead and collar, and donut pet bed.  

Because they’re an air sign…

Think fun, free, floaty and feathery styles. Finished with swishy skirts and chic touches, our Fari dress or Eva jumpsuit make the perfect birthday party outfit, while our feather print shirt dress is perfect for a low-key birthday dinner party.

Restore the balance  

All a Libra wants is a happy, harmonious life. So, opt for simple pleasures by gifting them five minutes of ‘me’ time with Stella Andromeda’s book on Libras, Up Circle’s face mask and P.F. Candle Co’s softly scented candle. Easy, like a Sunday morning. 

Find even more Libra-loving gifts in our wider gift edit. Enjoy…