Meet the maker: East

The definition of hippy chic? That’s East for you.  

Deeply rooted in Indian heritage, East is all about intricate prints and embroidery by local craftsmen. Their styles exude bohemia and transcend seasons, making them the kind you’ll want to wear now with cowboy boots and gilets, and wear later with sandals and bare skin.  

And behind the brand, you’ll find all kinds of interesting people. Like Anita, one of East’s Buyers, who spends her days sourcing beautiful fabrics, trend hunting and collaborating with ethical suppliers.  

Keep scrolling for some serious insights from her… 

What do you think makes East so special? 

East is a brand that beautifully weaves together the rich tapestry of heritage and modernity; crafting products with a deep sense of cultural appreciation and personal style.  

What I personally find so special is all the attention to detail we invest into every piece. Our design fusions create such unique styles that are captivating and culturally rich. 

What kind of people love East? 

Anyone who values local craftsmanship and unique designs!

What do you draw upon for inspiration?  

A wellspring of heritage sources… From ancestral-textile techniques to the diverse cultural narratives across India’s regions.  

Our commitment to preserving age-old traditions infuses a sense of authenticity into our products. Our design process is a constant exploration of these inspirations, so everything we create maintains a deep connection to its cultural roots.

Can you let us in on the creative process?  

Our creative process involves an evolving exploration process, where we meticulously research and immerse ourselves in the intricacies of the regions we draw inspiration from. 

Collaborating closely with artisans and craftsmen, we bring traditional techniques to life in fresh and innovative ways. With a commitment to quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship, East products not only exude distinctiveness but also showcase a deep respect for tradition, making them special to anyone seeking fashion with depth. This collaboration of heritage and creativity is the cornerstone of creating collections that embody East’s spirit. 

Can you tell us about the ethics behind East? 

We’re committed to sourcing the finest materials, collaborating with skilled artisans and using ethical manufacturers. It’s built into the way we work – and always has been. We’re firm believers in exceptional quality, supporting craft traditions and making products that aren’t just fashion items, but cherished pieces. 

Tell us about your team. Who makes your brand what they are?  

The East team is a small, female-empowered group, where creativity thrives! 

What are your hopes for the future of East?  

Our future holds a continued commitment to sustainability and ethical practices to make sure we’re always environmentally responsible and socially conscious. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Dive deep into the colourful, bohemian designs of East, here.