What to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding 

Sleeveless dresses make an elegant choice for weddings and black-tie events all-year round. But when the air chills for autumn and winter, it can be hard to know how to style them in a way that enhances – not cramps – their style. Wondering what to wear over a sleeveless dress to a wedding this year? Here are our top picks. 

An elevated cardigan 

Cardigans are perfect for adding a touch of cosiness without taking the limelight away from your dress. Avoid chunky knits (which can feel casual). You want something that looks smarter than your average knitwear, like our paisley cardigan. With its intricate embroidery, it’ll bring added interest to your look, especially if your dress is simple. 

A beautiful scarf 

Nothing adds instant elegance to an outfit quite like a scarf can. For a chic (and practical!) look, drape a big wool scarf over your shoulders. Opt for classic neutrals or add interest with a beautiful pattern. Or, if you fancy elevating your outfit with something more playful (less practical), a skinny sequin scarf wrapped around your neck will bring some 90s disco chic to your overall look. 

An embellished jacket 

Want to make a statement? Our embroidered velvet jacket is made for wearing over a sleeveless dress at a wedding. Thanks to its jewel colours and intricate threadwork, it’s a statement piece in its own right. Wear with a plain dress to pep-it up or wear with lace, tulle or boho prints to create a bold, iconic outfit. 

A tailored blazer 

For those who prefer structured silhouettes, a tailored blazer is your best friend. While blazers in neutrals will go with any dress, try our deep-red single breasted blazer for extra wow-factor. Simple and sophisticated, it’s the perfect choice for weddings with contemporary dress codes or a modern venue. 

So, there you have some ideas to play with. Can’t decide which you love most? When choosing the perfect overlay for a wedding or event, always think about the overall look of your outfit. Is your dress understated? Maybe go for something embellished or brightly coloured for extra interest. Is your dress detailed? Try something simpler or go bold and play with colour or print clashing. The options are endless. 

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