The Sagittarius gift guide: What to buy your most-adventurous friend 

It’s Sagittarius season (as if your fellow Sagittarians would let you forget).  Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius’ are notorious for their curious character, optimism and adventurous approach to life.   Eager to explore, you’ll find these social butterflies city breaking, chasing some winter sun or throwing a big party for their birthday.  […]

How to style a jumper dress

A cosy knitted jumper dress is a must-have for winter. Dress yours up for dinner plans or down for frosty walks — it’ll soon become a versatile wardrobe staple. One of our favourite things about jumper dresses is how effortless they are — wearing one couldn’t be easier (or feel any better). Here, our stylist […]

Get the look: gothic romance

As day turns to night and light to dusk, the magic of midwinter starts to take ahold of our souls. Taking inspiration from cinematic villains, poetic heroines and the uncompromising beauty of winter, our new gothic romance collection delivers free-spirited femininity for the dark season. The secret to gothic gorgeousness? Ruffles, sheers, corsages, bows and […]